Monday, October 19, 2009

over under sideways down.

haven't posted in a while, i've been kind out of it/not feeling so great. saw Where the Wild Things Are for the second time tonight.. i obviously loved it a lot. there is something so great about the movie that i can so easily relate to-- seeing Max at nine years old reminds me of my childhood and how easy it was to just create my own world when times got tough. anyways, went digging a little bit and found these old photos of my sister and i, times were great when our mama dressed us.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

the things that are making me happy.

guest checks--they provide me with something to write my life notes, to-do list, financial planning, doodles, poems, and art on. thank you guest checks, and thank you non-existent customers that don't walk through the doors of our restaurant, you leave quality time for me and my guest checks.

the short amount of time fall/winter comes to austin, texas these "Where the Wild Things Are" coats for Opening Ceremony. (they are expensive--i would go broke, but i can dream)

my butt wants to be in these shorts (erin wasson x RVCA) --because if my Australia trip goes as planned then summer time will be upon me again soon.

pretty photos taken by people who are passionate about it, and the thought of the sea and the open road arriving my way sooner than i think.

Marlon Brando and his leather jacket in "The Wild One"

"where the wild things are" coming out in approximately 10 days, super super excited.
comfy shirts i could live in. (topshop come to texas, please)

x's and efffffin o's- G

Saturday, October 3, 2009

you're a wolf boy, get out of this town

Jenna's pretty green dress made its way onto my body, and the pictures don't do as much justice as they should for the dress. needless to say it could probably make any girl's boobs look great. thanks jennalove for letting me wear it, and for the pictures.
on another note--my laptop has been in computer heaven for the past two weeks and i'm waiting for it to get repaired so all my favorite pictures/inspirations are floating out there somewhere and i want them back! but the break my computer and i are taking from each other has given me time to read tons of books! just finished The Rum Diary, and Hells Angels by Hunter S. Thompson, and next up is the The Proud Highway so i'm pretty excited, i forgot how much i loved reading.
xo G.
dress- bcbg max azria
fur cape- vintage-jenna's

Friday, October 2, 2009

RIP honda750

Another day, another coughing fit. I've been coughing for about 4 months's either the smoking or the a.c filter in the room I sleep and dream in. My dear friends from Washington have left, which means no more wizard status. That's probably a good thing. I think I am going to have a shoot for a vintage clothing site next week, I will keep you posted. Thinking about art and how I haven't made enough of it lately, though that's all about to change..I am about to start working on a series of some very funny dark portraits. On a more deppressing note, my boyfriend Jared got his motorcycle stolen from him last night. It's what he uses to escape me and the world at three in morning when he needs to be alone. I feel horrible, that man loved his bike. Anyways, here is some Jill Stuart, House of Holland a little Kurt Cobain thrown in and some of my favorite artist, Anselm Keifer and Willem de Kooning.