Wednesday, September 1, 2010

went to canada.

Austin's heat was getting insane and my Canadian friend Nate who I met when he came to visit the lovely state of Texas offered that I come visit him, why would I say "No" to Vancouver, Canada? I just got back yesterday and flying back into Texas a wave of mild depression washed over me. I stayed with the most lovely girls, the people were all so welcoming and awesome, the weather was of course gorgeous,and not to mention the insane views. Truly jealous of all you Canadians, I will be making my way back soon, Austin, Texas--love you, but I need to get away from you, for my own sanity! 

picture time fools. (it's all backwards, so start at the bottom) 

tourist picture..thanks canada. you're the best. 

sweet van dude!getting creative, i like it.

saw a lot of this on the way to whistler...hmm yes...whistler. no complaints. 

attended an animal costume party..nate was a.. party manimal. good choice. 

Drea and Nate, one of the realest, cutest, couples I know right now. 

new buddy david. he knows how to party guys. no lies. 

straight from the airport to the beach.