Monday, November 16, 2009

forgotten memories.

totally forgot about these pictures, this took place last year on my birthday in February on the rooftop of the skate shop (notice how we're all wearing shorts-- Austin, Texas is challenged with the whole weather and seasons thing). my friend matt munson takes awesome pictures and i fell in love with these black and white pictures he took. i remember the day perfectly-- beautiful sunny day spent picnicking in the park, drinking birthday beers on the rooftop with my handy dandy new beer belt, lots of food and friends and laughs. perfect birthday.
check out matt's photos heeeeeere. promise you won't regret it.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

sailor moon goes brunette.

halloween is my least favorite holiday. not that i don't like dressing up, just the process and things that go into dressing up (i.e. time, money, thought, stress, blahblaaaaahlala) i'd rather not have a holiday dedicated to it and just dress up whenever i want. but i dressed up anyway and went as sailor moon--brunette style. and on friday when everyone else dressed up (not on halloween) i went as myself, but some thought i looked like a hooker. i can't help that i have long legs, rips in my shorts, and boots that make me like 6+ feet tall. so i went as a hooker/myself. shove it.

Monday, November 2, 2009

you lose yourself, you reappear. you suddenly find you got nothing to fear.

went to a memorial for my aunt Annie who passed away in august, the picture above is my mom, grandpa and aunt in black when they were younger. my aunt was and is one of the greatest, strongest, generous, free spirited, and driven woman i know, among so many other great things. my second mom, the places that have meant so much to me like Paris, and Puerto Rico which i experienced with her will never be the same, but her spirit will surround their beauty, i know it. so in her honor we celebrated her life in typical Annie family/friend style, lots of food, alcohol, laughter, tears and funny faces.

old people like to party--you better believe it.

sista, sista.bitch is probably wearing my underwear as we take this.

as sisters we feel we owe it to each other to pick each others noses. the least we can do for each other.

my mom thinks my face is ugly.

if my aunt was still here i know she would be making funny faces with me. missing her.
love you.